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Farab Construction and installation at a glance

Farab Construction and installation was established on July 29th in 2008 as a technical company in the installation of the hydroelectric and thermal power stations, and also petrol, gas and petrochemical industries. This company could extend the scale of its activities in the installation domain to railing industries, solar power station, and water and drainage field in a short period by employing capable and skillful personnel, deploying systemic approach, organizational structure and using the information technology area. Nowadays, Farab construction and installation has become one of the most creditable contracting companies in the inside and outside area by successful implementation of installation projects, equipment initiations and civil activities.

Competences and capabilities:

Farab Construction and installation has employed:

  • Hardworking and skillful human resources

  • Flexible organizational structure and process-centered methods

  • Proper information technology infrastructures

  • Proper machineries, equipment and tools

By superior employment and expected quality, this company is able to represent its services to the following employers in the inside and outside of the country:

  • Securement and execution of civil, installation and initiation of the equipment in power station projects

  • Securement and execution of civil, installation and initiation of the equipment in petrol, gas and petrochemical projects

  • Installation and initiation of the equipment in railing industry projects

  • Designing, supplying, installing and initiating the solar energy and reproducible projects

  • Supplying and executing civil, installing and initiating the equipment in water and drainage projects

    The goals and strategies:

    Satisfaction attainment and promotion is the motto that the Farab Construction and installation keeps as its business goal and it has employed the following important strategies in the organization:

    • The human resource growth and development

    • The marketing development and promotion in relation with employer

    • The security and occupational health promotion

    • The time index, quality and project expenses improvement based on the expectations of the employer

    • Systemic approach and team work promotion in the organization

The achievements of the company:

Farab Construction and Installation Company has developed the area of its working field gradually by entering to the modern business domain. In addition to focusing on the reformation and promotion of the organizational capabilities, development in human resources and employing proper instrument and machineries, it has gained the following achievements:

1. Promotion in the organizational smartness and flexibility in all levels of the project life cycles
2. Improvement in the project expenses, time and quality management
3. Promotion in satisfaction of the employers


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