Farab construction Company tries to create an appropriate environment to foster creativity, thinking skill, the ability to comment reasonably and fair criticism of others opinion.

Farab Construction Company tries to promote and develop colleague’s communication skills with an emphasis on self-esteem, responsibility, team work, respect for human rights and critical thinking.

Farab Construction Company expects that everyone behave "modest" in work environment. For this reason, arrogant, selfish, and stubborn behaviors of nervous people are criticized.

Farab Construction Company emphasizes on creating an intimate, friendly and honest environment in Company.

 Farab construction Company tries to replace spirit of forgiveness, sacrifice, compatible to the people by the spirit of aggression, conflict and solitary.

Farab construction Company tries to treat all colleagues with respect and dignity, regardless of their employment status in the organization. More humane relations of the  colleagues with work environment are of Farab construction Company's goals.

 Farab construction Company tries to behave reasonably and fair in facilities distribution of the Company, without forgetting personnel differences in terms of meeting their needs and demands of the Company.

 Farab construction Company does not tolerate hypocritical and silky behavior and tries to prevent from the growth of people who define their existence in informative monopoly by determining methods accurately and appropriate notification.

Farab construction Company criticizes sole reliance on individual abilities and inability to create proper communication with others.

Farab construction Company tries to welcome fostering rational criticism and criticizes obstinately excuses.

Farab construction Company criticizes people who want to appear as a hero in business successes and make others role colorless.

Farab construction Company seeks to recognize individuals who work more than those who exhibit their work.

 Farab construction Company emphasizes scientific and practical information transfer of colleagues to each other and creation of a permanent public training process in the Company.

Farab construction Company encourages “employee participation in decision-making” in the context of relationships and organizational hierarchy.

Farab construction Company relies merely on capabilities and organizational and public acceptance of individuals in transfer of responsibilities.

Farab construction Company persists on “powerful”, “fair” and “respectful” behaviors.

Farab construction Company criticizes "arbitrary" behavior of managers, just as does not tolerate their "passive" behavior.

Farab construction Company wants its executives to organize their units on the basis of "planning", "discipline ", "accuracy" and "speed".

Farab construction Company emphasizes on "authorities cession" and "distributing decisions" along with the responsibility for the consequences and prevents the  concentration on decision making as far as the overall integrity and Company moving track does not harm.

 Farab construction Company consider the following strategies in its projects implementation in order of priority: "Quality", “schedule fulfillment ", "marginal cost" and "domestic manufacturing". What this prioritization means is that in the process of decision making in critical situations, above mentioned factors are considered in the order listed.

 Farab construction Company tries to provide a safe environment for "staff work", regardless of the various social abnormalities existence. Creating a safe environment for the effort and activity requires the mutual trust of Company and the staff mutually. Farab construction Company trusts their colleagues.

Farab construction Company emphasizes on organization discipline and observing the organizational hierarchy, but at the same time prevent the workplace to become the  environment for dominance of managers and directors.

 Farab construction Company tries to encourage teamwork. Farab construction matrix structure requires that the directors (in particular) and staff (in general) strengthen the spirit of group activity and teamwork in the Company.

Farab construction Company persists in continuity of "sincere and friendly conversations" between managers and staff to improve the organization status and the using  "group wisdom" to resolve the problems.

Farab construction Company encourages using "modern tools" in administrating the organization as far as they’re not inconsistent with the intelligence average and culture of the society. Mere promotional use of modern tools is not of interest in Farab construction.

 Farab construction Company emphasizes on "customer satisfaction" (Client and Consultant) at all levels. All technical, commercial, administrative and financial colleagues should fully control themselves in interaction with their consultant and the employer, and in the discussion meetings, even if they feel that it is their right, they should avoid from any extremism, disrespect or aggressiveness with the customer.

 Farab construction Company emphasizes on customer respect, status and demands, and expects colleagues with the firm belief that customer is the same as Company partner, make their efforts in all aspects with the customer in order to develop activities and participation.

 Farab construction Company emphasizes on achieving agreements and promises given to the customer, and consider them as parts of their colleague’s duties, and expects all staff to do the necessary follow-up to meet customer demands.

Farab construction Company emphasizes to draw client trust in appropriate and logical methods, and encourages colleagues to maintain proper human relations in meetings  with the client.

Farab construction Company emphasizes on improving its services, and regarding customer views is one of its most important tasks.

 Farab construction Company emphasizes on respecting all the employer's contractual rights in dealing with subcontractors, and at the same time, criticizes the instrumental use of "employer" position, as well, condemn the immoral behavior by contractors.

Farab construction Company insists to respect to the contractors reasonable comments and suggestions as Farab construction colleagues and partners.

Farab construction Company expect the colleagues to perform assigned tasks and missions efficiently and properly, with the strength, stability and overcoming impatience, due to difficult working conditions in workshops, bad weather in some seasons of the year, far away from the family, away from the amusement and recreation facilities, etc.,.

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